A short introduction

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Create map

You can create any number of maps. Every map contains marker that you created.

Create maps

Create waypoint

You choose a map tool on the left menu and create waypoints by clicking on the map.

Edit waypoint

Markers can be edited and moved. Just click on the marker and choose edit or drag and drop the marker.


Delete waypoints & maps

Every map and waypoint can be deleted. Just click the red symbol next to it.

Measure trails

Measure trails with this tool. Left click to start the line and right click to end it. The length is available in the mouse-over bubbles on the vertices.


Import GPX

You can upload Pocket Queries from geocaching.com. Their content will be displayed on the map. You can switch this overlay on and off.

Export GPX

You can export all markers and maps into a gpx file. Just choose the maps you want to export. The files are compatible with many GPX devices (Garmin, ...).


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