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Welcome to the CachePlanner

The CachePlanner is a browser-based tool, that helps you with your Geocaching adventures.

mark important points (solved puzzle caches, for example)
export this points (GPX format)
• display your Pocket Queries on the map
plan a cache that you want to hide
measure trails

... and many more soon. We are in active developement.

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Quick help

- About us and feedback
- A short introduction with pretty images.

Mapping tool (to the left, below):
- Switch between the active tool on the map
- Browse: Navigation and search
- Marker: Create marker
- Lines: Insert lines and measure distances

- Left click on marker: Show the infowindow
- Right click on marker: Show radius

- Left click on map: Start polyline
- Right click on map: end polyline.
- Mouse-over on vertices: Show distance

GC Caches:
- Left click on marker: Show cache listing
- Right click on marker: Show radius

- Email: infospammailpreventer@cacheplanner.org


About us About us & many more

Help needed?

We have a quick help and a short introduction for you.

Who is behind all this? And why?

You can get all the answers in this short overview.

And what happens here at the moment?

Get news from the CachePlanner labratory in our blog.

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